At Ciot, we have a deep-seated passion for design. This is how we stay ahead of the latest trends to offer you beautiful and innovative ideas for your home renovation and construction projects. Explore our most impressive collaborations and discover your next must-have look.

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  1. Meaningful residential design thrives in the prose of everyday family life. It is created through quiet luxury and palpable quality, attention to detail, well-crafted functionality and clean, simple lines. It comes into its own in the warmth and joy of this 7,000 sq ft home for a travel-loving family.
  2. Featured in House and Home magazine, the Havekes home located in Montreal encompasses both modern and soothing elements. In the eclectic kitchen, Ciot's Afyon Violet marble peeks through the backsplash and counterspaces, beautifully contrasted with the warm wood cabinetry. The Alt Bettola faucet and the Kohler Carin Undermount Sink, bring a stunning black accent to complement other contemporary accessories. Discover our Cristallo Classico, an engineered stone that envelopes the Master Bathroom, inspiring a centered and spa-like feng shui. Equally captivating is the countertops, featuring our Caesarstone Pure White engineered stone that adds a touch of brightness to the space. The Alt Circo faucet and Aquabrass Uniplex Kit in the master shower become beautiful focal points in this stunning master bathroom. Throughout the Guest Bathroom, find Ciot's gorgeous Travertino Navone Honed, on the walls and floors.
  3. Set in the lavish town of Palm Beach, this seaside home designed by homeowner Sloan Mauran is fully immersed in Ciot marble, inspiring a truly timeless look. In the kitchen, discover our heavenly Calacatta Classico Marble draped across the walls and backsplash, as well as the guest bathroom. The ""His"" Master Bathroom is outfitted in our stunning Breccia Paradiso Marble while the ""Hers"" is surrounded by Calacatta Arabescato Marble, creating a gorgeous duo.